Dr. Sergio Canavero is Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, a think tank devoted to the advancement of brain stimulation.

He entered neurosurgery with the goal of transcending human limits. In the tradition of Prof. Penfield, he believes the brain only acts as a filter to consciousness which he discusses in his book IMMORTAL. Why Consciousness is Not in the Brain.

Over the past 30 years, he focused on making the first head transplant possible. Along the way he worked out the genesis of Central Pain at the age of 27 (for which he has been hailed as a “benefactor of mankind” and “Italian genius” by the US website painonline.org following publication of his Cambridge University Press monograph in 2007), introduced surgical cortical brain stimulation for Parkinson disease, the vegetative state (featured in several international media outlets in December 2008) and stroke recovery. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications and several books to his credit, including Head Transplantation And The Quest For Immortality (Dec 2014).

Recently, he made the news for pushing cortical brain stimulation in the rehabilitation of criminal psychopaths in place of the death penalty.

In the century that will see medical technology impact human life like never before, head-body transplantation will be at the cutting edge. In 1970, US neurosurgeon Dr. Robert White carried out the first cephalosomatic anastomosis (CSA) in monkeys, but could not rejoin the spinal cord. His goal: curing intractable medical disorders.

Now, in an unprecedented turn of events, and fulfilling Robert White’s prophecy, Dr. Canavero brings together many lines of research, some from the past, to recast the problem of spinal cord fusion in new terms.

In June 2015, he will push science forward and prove that a severed spinal cord can be reconnected with another one. The consequences? Not only the cure of hopeless disorders, but the opening of a new frontier: life extension. You will hear from him directly why he will be the first to achieve a full head transplant which will hold the key to the future of mankind. And more…