Sudhir B. Rao, MD
Chair, Board of Directors

It is my pleasure to invite you to join the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons. Those who typically choose to apply for membership in our organization are seeking a forum to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and experience and wish to enhance them through association with like-minded peers. In many ways, there is a common denominator that ties us inextricably together. First and foremost, Academy members have a need that wasn’t being fulfilled by the mainstream medical and surgical establishment. It may be a need of recognition for what we have accomplished and a forum in which to share those accomplishments. Secondly, in sharing your accomplishments in medicine and surgery, you are contributing to a higher level of excellence in your specialty for the good of the people who need the skills of your specialized service.

Academy members are among the “best and brightest,” regardless of what medical school you went to, who your program director was or what standing you were in your class. Nothing can negate the fact that you were accepted into a very difficult academic world and worked hard and long to achieve your goals, at significant self-sacrifice, because you believed in helping mankind. This Academy awards those who have made that sacrifice as long as you meet our high standards, not necessarily the standards of an unaffiliated accrediting body. If you seek recognition in the form of certification, our policy of broad acceptance related to the location of your post-graduate training is extremely inclusive. We do, however, have stringent vetting of the “quality” of your education and training to determine if you are qualified to take our examinations.

You are strongly encouraged to carefully review this website and then become an active and contributing member of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons.