Mark P

Mark Perlmutter, MD, FICS
Chair, Board of Directors

It is a distinct honor to to be your new Chairman of the Board.  I have very big shoes to fill and hope to meet the expectations of the Nominating Committee as well as all the members of the Board of Directors during the course of the next two years.

Recently the Board of Directors amended the Bylaws of our Academy to create a defined leadership structure with a clearly identified  mechanism for succession. This will allow for a more engaged Board of Directors that will have a hands-on role in the oversight of all Academy activities.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful Board of Directors and an ICS-US Section staff that will assist us as we strive to improve the Academy for our current members as well as our new members to come. I can’t do this alone and encourage every Academy member to do their part. In the coming weeks I will be making Committee appointments and if you are interested, please let Headquarters staff know.

I will be communicating with you again very soon with much more detail about my plans for the future, but for now I wanted to introduce myself and remind you that you have a vibrant organization that needs your participation and support.