• President, International College of Surgeons – US Section, 2001
  • Chairman, American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1994-2013
  • President, American Neurological and Orthopaedic Society, 1984-85
  • Nevada Councilman, American College of Surgeons, 1990-1991
  • CME Chairman, International College of Surgeons, 1999-2000
  • President, Clark County Medical Society, 1998-1999
  • President, Midwest Neurological Society 1972-1976
  • Chairman, Medical Legal Analysis Board
  • Executive Member, World College of Surgeons
  • Chairman, American Federation of Medical Accreditation
  • Member, Nevada Neurological Society, 1979-Present
  • Commissioner, Medical Advisory Board to the Nevada Athletic Commission, 1981-1989
  • Member, Nevada State Medical Association, 1979-Present
  • Advisory Board Member, International Paget’s Foundation
  • Chairman, Medical Unit, Masonic-Zelzah Lodge Temple, 12 years
  • Chairman, Neurosurgical Department, Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1963-1978
  • Member, Iowa Medical Society, 1963-1978
  • Member, Iowa Clinical Surgical Society, 1965-1978
  • Member, Linn County Medical Society, 1963-1978
  • President, Neurological Neurosurgical Institute of Las Vegas, 1979-Present
  • Member, Clark County Medical Society, 1979-Present
  • Doctors of Philosopy (Ph.D.), in Neurological Surgery


  • Associate Professor, University of Nevada, School of Medicine
  • Professor, Medical Legal Analysis


  • Fathie’s Carotid Artery Shunt/Bypass
  • Researcher of the medication called Skelaxin, a drug for treatment of muscle stiffness
  • Inventor, Cranio-Plasty Plate
  • Reporter of four neurosurgical Syndromes
  • Reporter of AIDS and related tumors of the brain


  • Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery
  • Editor, International Surgery Journal
  • Editor-in-Chief, Journal-e-Pezeshki; (medical journal)
  • Chief Editor,”You and the World of Medicine”, a medical television program
  • Medical writer, VIP Magazine
  • Medical writer, Las Vegas Magazine
  • Medical writer, Your Health Magazine
  • Editor, U&I Magazine
  • Editor, Mehr Magazine


  • “A Second Look at a Skeletal Muscle Relaxant: A double-blind Study of Metaxalone”, Current Therapeutic Research, November 1964
  • “Musculoskeletal Disorders and Their Management with a New Relaxant”, Clinical Medicine, April 1965
  • “Large Aneurysm of Internal Carotid Artery Simulating an Eosinophilic Adenoma”, Journal of the Iowa Medical Society – May 1965
  • “Hemangiopericytoma of the Thoracic Spine” Journal of Neurosurgery – 1970
  • “Osteogenic Sarcoma of the Neck (Atlas),” Journal of the Iowa Medical Society – December 1971
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  • “Paget’s Disease – New Progress and Findings”, Journal of Neurological & Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery – March 1998
  • Treatment of Back Pain: An Interdisciplinary Approach


  • Physicians must retain their compassion for patients
  • America’s Badge of Honor is Badly Tarnished
  • Overcoming the Subtle Racism in Medicine
  • In Defense of Authenticity
  • Physician Title comes with Responsibility and Risk
  • Keep our Water Clean
  • Smoking
  • Healthcare for the Healthy
  • Biological and Mechanical Tools: Thoughts on a New Paradigm


  • What You Should Know About Your Eyes and How to Take Care of Them
  • What You Should Know About Cholestrol and Stroke and How High Cholestrol Levels can be Lowered
  • Brain and High Blood Pressure
  • Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion


  • Professor Kazem Fathie’s Endowment Fund, Over $1,000,000.00 donation by Dr. Joseph Serrato at the 37th International College of Surgeons-US section Annual Meeting to this Fund; on July 2001, at Orlando, Florida
  • Paul Harris Foundation Member, 1965-Present
  • Honorary Member, Rotary International, 1965-Present
  • 39-time Paul Harris Humanitarian Award Winner
  • Poet of the Year Award from the International Literary Poets Society, 1998
  • Las Vegas Physician of the Year, 1994
  • Outstanding American Hero Award, 1988
  • Crystal Dove Award Winner, Rotary International
  • Gold Key Award Winner, Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Harold Lee Feikes Award Winner, Clark County Medical Society, 1994
  • Physician of the Year, Nevada State Medical Association, 1995
  • Life Time Achievement Award Winner, 1991
  • Doctor of the Year, Golden Gloves Tournament, 1987
  • Doctor of the Year, Golden Gloves Tournament, 1989
  • Persian Poet Laureate Award by IAMA


  • Who’s Who member – National Directory of Who’s Who in Executive and Professionals
  • Honoray Member, Rotary International
  • Member, American National Library of Poetry
  • Member of the Scottish Right Member of the Zelzah Shriner’s
  • Member, Iowa Chamber of Commerce (Past)
  • Member, Nevada Chamber of Commerce (Past)
  • Member, Lions Club (Past)
  • Member, Elks Club (Past)
  • Member, Paul Harris Foundation, 1965-Present
  • Chairman, Vasa order of America, 1981