Chairman's Corner


I am pleased to say that plans for the Academy’s 41st Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle are coming along nicely. Our organizers are working closely with faculty from the University of Washington and several highly regarded surgeons from the Seattle area have agreed to participate in our program and present cutting edge information on topics related to Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgery.


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Board Certification


Board Certification is offered by the Academy under the authority of the American Federation of Medical Accreditation, in the following specialties; Clinical Neurological Surgery, Spinal Surgery, Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery and Clinical Neurology.

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A post-nominal title is used to indicate that a surgeon's education and training, professional qualifications, surgical competence, and ethical conduct have passed a rigorous evaluation, and have been found to be consistent with the high standards established and demanded by a professional society such the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons (AANOS). The post-nominal title of “FAANOS” is now being offered to qualified members of the Academy.

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Who We Are

The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons (AANOS) is a scientific and educational association of orthopedists and neurosurgeons that was founded in 1976 in order to improve the quality of care provided to patients in these two major sub-specialty fields. This has been accomplished through setting high standards for training, credentialing and continuous surgical education...  


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